The Arctic Hope Project

Steven giving a school presentation about the power of Hope.

The Arctic Hope Project is a groundbreaking, faith-based project that addresses many of the root issues that Inuit youth face in Nunavut.

Arctic Hope Project (AHP) is a youth and community development project that provides cultural counselling, while developing Inuit youth leadership skills. The AHP is a project that augments youth mental and emotional resiliency. This project will work in partnership with community stakeholders, consisting of the Mayor, MLA, High School Principal, RCMP, Local Clergy, Elders and Youth Workers, to help young people who may be at risk of experiencing the issues that plague so many Inuit young people. This project will be able to work with and develop up to 20 Inuit youth leaders per year in each community to which AHP commits.

Ada, Steven, Becky & Claire | November 2017

Arctic Hope Project is an 5-day intensive course, with an extensive community stakeholder follow-up phase, which operates under the capable leadership of Steven and Becky Carleton.  Steven serves as Director of AHP, while Becky serves as the project’s Administrator.  As an Inuit man, Steven personally experienced and overcame the trauma of abuse. Through his story, Steven is able to bring hope to Inuit youth that have been victims of abuse. Steven has been active in the Ottawa-Inuit community, having worked at the Mamisarvik Healing Centre as well as the Ottawa Inuit Children’s Centre. Steven and Becky currently live in Ottawa, Ontario with their three daughters, Claire, Ada & Esme.

Bill Prankard is the founder and president of the Bill Prankard Evangelistic Association from which the Arctic Hope Project was birthed! Please follow this link to learn more about the Bill Prankard Evangelistic Association.

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