What a time that we live in! We have entered 2017 strong and ready to spread this message of hope and life to more young people across Nunavut! You are a part of this work, and together we will see lives positively changed!

At the end of 2016 one of Arctic Hope Project’s strongest partners, Crossroads Communications, raised over $100,000.00 for our efforts in Canada! This was an unprecedented act of generosity from Canadians right across this nation which we happily accepted!

At that point we were planning on continuing our goal with Cape Dorset by running the Inuit Youth Leadership Development course twice, but now we are able to do much more! We are now wanting to launch the Arctic Hope Project in two brand new communities, Pangnirtung and Naujaat, as well as launching a brand new initiative focused on bringing healing and restoration to single mothers in Pangnirtung!

Inuit people in Nunavut statistically have some of the worst hurdles to overcome. When Steven had travelled to Pangnirtung in August 2016, there was a resounding request to have the same healing components used with young people in Cape Dorset for the single mothers in Pangnirtung. Community leaders said that there was deep pain and anger among many mothers Pangnirtung due to alcoholism and abuse.

Because of the great generosity from Canadians we are launching a new initiative designed to bring healing to broken people in Naujaat, Pangnirtung, and also Cape Dorset!

Stay tuned as we bring testimonies of lives changed and leaders developed! We are a part of a good work in Canada.


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