Phase Two of the Arctic Hope Tour is underway as Steven Carleton and Braden Scharfenberg left Ottawa this morning for their first community, Pangnirtung, located on Baffin Island. Over the next 10 days (Wed. March 21st – Sat. March 31st), they will also be travelling to the communities of Clyde River, and Qikiqtarjuaq. They will have 4 more acoustic guitars to give away and will be giving presentations in the local high schools on Hope and how Hope helps us through difficult times!


Steven and Braden had an amazing time in Pangnirtung with the local youth and elders! They had the opportunity to share at both local churches about hope, and how God rekindles burnt our lives with fresh hope!

Between the three services in Pangnirtung, they were able to pray with and talk to a lot of youth who were suicidal and depressed. This is something that God helps us with, and after a few moments in prayer and in the presence of God, a number of youth said that they felt peace in their hearts for the first time in a long time. At least 10 young people even said that they were no longer hearing voices telling them to harm themselves.

There is something very special that happens when elders and young people embrace each other and purpose themselves to walk together. There are young people in Pangnirtung who are experiencing God’s healing power, and we are believing that this same thing will happen in every Nunavut community!

Steven and Braden are now in Clyde River and will be in Qikiqtarjuaq on Thursday morning. They will be at the high school this week in Clyde River, and at the school in Qikiqtarjuaq on Thursday afternoon.


Steven and Braden just finished the 4th Hope Presentation of the Arctic Hope Tour at the Quluaq School in Clyde River. The students heard from their personal stories that abuse and depression are challenges they were able to overcome, and that they too can overcome challenging experiences!

Steven and Braden were unable to make it into Qikiqtarjuaq due to poor weather conditions, but are looking forward to visiting there later this year.

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